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Seasonal Color Programs in Chicagoland

Seasonal flowers are one of the most effective ways to create a standout landscape. Not only do they enhance a property’s curb appeal, but they also make it a more enjoyable place to be. Studies have shown that being around colorful blooms can have a long-term impact on stress and that businesses that invest in seasonal plantings attract and retain clients more effectively than those that don’t. 


Many people in Chicagoland believe that flowers can only be grown in summer and spring. While it’s true that many flowers prefer warmer weather, there are plenty of species that flourish in cooler temperatures, and under expert care, it is possible to enjoy a technicolor landscape through all four seasons. 


At Semmer Landscape we have a dedicated horticulture team with decades of experience creating seasonal color displays in the Chicagoland area. Whether you’re looking for inground, raised beds, or container plantings, we can help you find an annual plan that’s right for you. What’s more, we specialize in creating unique, eye-catching accents, including wreaths, bows, and custom-made decorative elements. 


Here's a look at what's available from season to season.

spring semmer.jpeg


The spring season brings an array of colorful planting options, with many of the state's best-loved flowers blooming between March and June. 


To ensure your landscape is in full bloom come spring, Semmer Landscape plants bulbs in the Fall. We always stay one step ahead of the seasons, so your landscape doesn't miss a beat.


A wide range of blooms is available to choose from throughout the summer, providing an explosion of color in your landscape.

Our horticulture experts are experienced at choosing flowers that thrive in the heat, bringing you months of beautiful summer color. 



A naturally colorful season, Fall is an exciting time in Chicagoland.

As well as an abundance of vibrant flowers and grasses, Semmer Landscape offers a selection of seasonal extras, like pumpkins and Halloween ornaments.


Despite the cold weather, it is possible to maintain a colorful landscape through the winter. Throughout winter, our team works hard to protect your landscape from the harsh temperatures, as well as keeping it bright with a selection of cold-weather blooms.


Interior Holiday Decor

Spruce up the office this year with some commercial holiday interior decor! Whether you are looking to spread the joy of the holidays around the office (your employees will thank you!) or looking to make your space a little more festive for your customers, we have got you covered. Your office deserves some holiday cheer.

Designing a Colorful Landscape in Chicagoland

No matter the season, Semmer Landscape creates striking color displays to brighten your property and keep your landscape beautiful. 


Request your free consultation today to discuss your personalized plan.

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